10 July 2018

#7373: Tests for Doneness

 — voices of everyone else in the room start to sound like bees buzzing
 — ass begins to itch, legs go numb
 — toothpick stuck into soft part no longer elicits yelps of pain

09 July 2018

#19259: Lesser Trials

 -- pooping in a hotel lobby restroom
 -- the O.K. Simpson murders
 -- writing poetry about marmots, on demand

#41510: More Stuff that Can Still Be Had for Free

 -- half and half
 -- sturm und drang
 -- the thrill of being tailgated by some dude in a Ford F150

#36131: Less-Well-Defined Protagonists

 -- Professor Somebody
 -- guy whose name is only an ampersand
 -- will of American people

#37378: Lesser, but Still Certain, Certainties

 -- Beth and saxes
 -- bad breath and faxes
 -- somewhere, within earshot, a delivery truck is backing up

#44738: Awkward Remainders

 -- pi and a half
 -- unsquished part of possum
 -- Leon's backwash

#8916: But It's Filled with Protein...

 -- disappointment
 -- escargogurt
 -- meat toothpaste

#58250: Clear and Dangerous Present

-- kiss on the lips from a crocodile
-- Leon shows up with 3 unmarked burritos
-- heart-shaped ziplock bag from Vlad the Inhaler

#61554: But I Digress…

-- the last 25 years
-- the 15 years before that
-- when I went bowling instead of fighting off the zombies

#7495: Tea-Time (Other Countries)

-- 7:30PM: Cheese-Pasta and Screen Hour (U.S.)
-- 2:00AM: hunt the florescent freshwater eels and eat them raw (that country I wouldn't do well in)
-- 10:15AM: beer-bongs and bongos (Stevelvania)

#66606: That's Classic Cthulu!

-- Shows up late for the apocolypse
-- Leaves the seat up again
-- Vaporizes whole months with his breath

#20181: What Am I Doing? (Again?)

-- over focusing on toasting a perfect marshmallow 
-- blowing too much ass out of my smoke
-- singing along to Dan Fogelberg

#71131: Highlights of Previous State-of-the-Union Speeches

 — Eisenhower’s introduction of “Millie, the Military Industrial Complex Platypus”
 — Socks the cat yorks in Al Gore’s lap during Clinton’s third thoughtful pause
 — the “Dancing Truman-ettes!”

#2027: More Bad Sounds to Wake Up To

 -- that low growl the larger cat makes before he boots all over your slippers
 -- State of the Union audio clips
 -- that low growl the smaller cat makes before she boots on the carpet next to your slippers

#2208: Need to Reschedule

— next round of hemorrhoids
— Monday, for next 100 weeks
— upcoming nervous breakdown

#49903: Yet More Disappointing Ways to Die

#63578: When It Stopped Being Funny

 -- When Jeff started doing it...
 -- Cat stopped smiling, started biting...
 -- PocketBucket List #43, probably...

#15400: Non-Award-Winning Documentaries about Me (Not Yet Filmed)