28 February 2012

#3929: The Truth Is!…(No It's Not)

-- All the buildings in Berlin are made out of marzipan!
-- Rosebud is a goat!
-- You can't handle the truth! (Yes you can.)

25 February 2012

#22626: Three Cheers for the Home Team

-- F...R...I...G... Who's gonna chill some beers for me?!
-- Go dishwasher! Wash like a m*f*! Go, go!
-- Coffee maker, coffee maker--take those coffee beans and wake her!

24 February 2012

#46813: More Tubular Rodents

-- the schloongraat (Sweden, probably needs an umlaut or two)
-- the capsulebara (Amazon, rainforest that is)
-- former US Sen. Rick Santorum (Pennsylvania)

23 February 2012

#20061: Less Expensive Villains for Low-Budget Superheroes

--Angry sweaty motorcycle guys wearing plastic bags
--"Dr. Pig-Out"
--Christopher Walken impersonator

06 February 2012

02 February 2012

#4511: Particle Phonics

-- Brazilian micro-dipthong
-- neutrine O sound
-- Anglo-Saxon spit-take

01 February 2012

#51541: Turf Wars (Outcome Already Decided)

-- Astro v. Dino
-- Surf and v. and Shake
-- Toe v. Smurf

#75214: Resident "Experts"

--loudmouth who boards the bus at Cobb St.
--Henry effing Kissinger
--God's know-it-all brother, Glen

#7757: More Phony Books

-- alpha listing of disgruntled elves
-- same for reliable stock tips
-- same for cats who don't owe somebody moneyy

#5005: Loops (Less than Infinite)

--feedback from acoustic ukulele
--the old mall

#23098: International Hairstyles I Have Yet to Attempt

--The Ol' Slash-and-Burn (Venezuela)
--El Mysterioso (Mexico)
--"Tigers Dancing in the Rain" (Bhutan)