27 February 2013

#44862: Grab Bag!

-- Channing Tatum O’Neal
-- kimjongtini
-- the third flying monkey out of one’s ass

19 February 2013

#2008b: Other Things with Which He Is Killing Me Softly

 -- his atonal humming
 -- his constant references to that time a guy told him he'd make a good navy seal
 -- his flatulence

18 February 2013

#51412: President Parts

-- Lincoln's left foot
-- Harding's philtrum
-- Washington's patellas

06 February 2013

#27707(d): Famous (Possibly Apocryphal) Quotes with One Word Replaced by the Word “Eggplant”

-- "We have nothing to eggplant but eggplant itself" - Eggplant Roosevelt
-- "You can't make an eggplant without cracking a few eggs." - J Eggplant Frey
-- "I regret that I have but one eggplant to give for my country." - Nathan Eggplant