30 October 2015

#1031b: Costumes (Ambiguous)

 -- Me, but taller somehow...
 -- Opthamologist
 -- Sexy mixed metaphor

24 October 2015

#87310: Proud Accomplishments (Other Species)

 -- Listened to "In the Aeroplane over the Sea" but with the tracks in alpha order (hipster nerd)
 -- Pile of stolen nuts (squirrel)
 -- Got through hygiene lecture without giggling (teenage Al Gore)

16 October 2015

#13741: Not Enough of, Ever

-- chocolate frosted donuts

-- non-stressful harmonica solos

-- hugs from my kids

14 October 2015

#13944: Clerical Errors of the Supernatural

-- haunted by the ghost of former English teacher but you were never actually enrolled in her class

-- lycanthropic philanthropy

-- Ouija board got it wrong all fucking night, man

12 October 2015

07 October 2015

#13433: What Are We REALLY Trying to Accomplish Here?

-- make Al Gore giggle again

-- roll the old wooden ball into the smallest hole

-- nothing less than total world domination in a very narrow area

04 October 2015

#13474: More Winning Strategies for the Apocalypse


-- Invest in good running shoes

-- Avoid any quartet of motorcyclists or horseback riders

-- zombification = gentrification w/o the cute shops