20 May 2013

#19123: Didn’t Do Because Too Busy (Regrets Division)

-- Peace March across the US for Nuclear Disarmament

-- kayaking the Grand Canyon

-- completely remove foil from breakfast burrito

02 May 2013

#78221: It’s Fun to Stay at the Y ____! (Also)

-- DWDIITR (don’t we do it in the road)
-- U R T
-- O L O

#57711: Less Impressive Presidential Libraries

-- The Millard Fillmore Archives-moblie
-- The James K. Polk 2 Crates o’ Pamphlets
-- The George W. Bush Collected Unswerving Beliefs in His Own Moral Rectitude and Frozen Yogurt Stand

#972: Who’s Yer Daddy?

-- Mr. Wilson
-- dead milkman
-- yer mom.