30 November 2012

#6677b: More Poems Whose Title Is Longer

“the next time i see that stinking giraffe, i’m going to tell him to blow his this out of his that” (e.e. cummings)

“Text of Jingoistic Bumper-Sticker Read through the Oddly-Shaped Eyes of a Plasticene Chicken Mask as I Walked behind a Slow-Moving Ford Pickup for an Hour and a Half Yesterday during the Macy’s Parade Traffic in Downtown New York--1959” (Wallace Stevens)

“Naked Photographs of Me Taken at a Time when I Was Just Glad to Be Naked and Not Feeling the Shame that so Besets Primates and Episcopalians” (Walt Whitman)

21 November 2012

#566608: Poems Whose Titles Are Longer

-- “Listing the Two Things that I Ate for Breakfast that Morning before Walking Out to Clear My Apple Orchard of Wolverines” (Robert Frost)
-- “Do You Like to Go Fast or Slow when the Ground is Covered with Newly Fallen Snow?” (Emily Dickinson)
-- “Staring Contest between Me and My Alter Ego, Scarface McGraw, Results Therefrom” (Alfred Lord Tennyson)

19 November 2012

#7788: You Can Check Out Any Time You Like, but You Can Never ________ (other hotels)

-- Really Know whether You Accidentally Voted for Pat Buchanan (Hotel Tallahasee)
-- Get a Decent Espresso to Go (Hotel East Nebraska)
-- Eat Enough Cheetos (Hotel Colorado)

01 November 2012

#84522: Exclusive Cliques I Have Yet to Join

-- The Waistband/Armpit Club
-- Guys Who Drink Raw Eggs from a Glass
-- Bull and Scones