30 November 2015

#44697: Other Time Periods of Discontent

 -- the indian summer of our recorder recital
 -- cold snap of our chemically diminished sex drive
 -- 3-day weekend of our suburbia

23 November 2015

#61897: Yet More Euphemisms for Private Parts

-- Amsterdam

-- Mrs. Cunningham

-- Woodrow Wilson and the League of Nations (in my pants)

19 November 2015

#54977: The First against the Wall

 -- Person who decided to move Friday from weekend to work week
 -- Primer paint
 -- Author of small print disclaimers on my Arby's coupons

18 November 2015

#61091: Cherished-yet-Fuzzy Memories

-- that time I kissed what’s-his-or-her-name

-- being named “most likely to do something or other…”

-- the first time I saw that body of, I think, water

10 November 2015

#84221: Who Let the ____s Out? (____)

 -- Methane Clouds, Dave of course
 -- Greased-Pig Metaphors, Crazy-ass Haiku Writer
 -- Room's Air, Guy from Sales who Brought Up the Wilson Account at Happy Hour

06 November 2015

#10999: Try and ____ Again

 -- Destroy Troy
 -- Tricycle on the Roof of a Speeding Train
 -- Trip Trent

04 November 2015

#33355: "Best Years of Our Lives!" (Other Demographics)

 -- Klerrrb-A-Palooza!, years 4407.7B - 4704.B7 (creature from Planet Klooot)
 -- Before the invention of dumpster lids but after the invention of dumpsters (raccoon)
 -- Early nirvana, when it still felt, y'know...earned (Buddha)