29 July 2011

#45111: Trust Issues (Squirrel)

--Has to always sit on the highest branch.
--Doesn't believe that other squirrels like his tail.
--That looks like my nut.

27 July 2011

#7808: Sport for Crows

[for C. Ransick]

--beak dancing
--the marital difficulties of other crows

26 July 2011

#1254: Why We Worship the Donut

--Circle (the eternal symbol).
--Goes great with coffee.
--They're sometimes "raised."

22 July 2011

#45: Reasons to Cheer Up

--the opposite sex
--monkeys (the funny ones, not the scary ones)

09 July 2011


--M's allegies, N's body sprays
--sexual preferences of primates, coworkers
--your art projects, thrift store donations

08 July 2011

07 July 2011

#80953: FREAK FLAGS (Under-Appreciated)

--obsession with crossword puzzles
--stretchy waistband pants
--grapefruit-flavored soda