26 October 2012

#5355: Ways in Which We "Shoot Ourselves in the Foot"

-- with a "gun"
-- through "self-destructive tendencies"
-- with "that spear-gun" that "we were sure was just a stage prop!"

17 October 2012

#36921: Rest-Stops (Famous, but for the Wrong Reasons)

-- That one they blew up in that movie starring that one guy.
-- The one near the Newark airport that always smells like asparagus.
-- The Donner party.

09 October 2012

#7802: Songs I'd Like Them to Play at My Funeral (But They Probably Won't)

-- "Already Gone" by the Eagles
-- "Morning After" (from the soundtrack of "The Poseidon Adventure")
-- "C Is for Cookie"

02 October 2012

#41220: Planets Not Worth Exploring

 -- The Planet of No Parking
 -- anything orbiting Muzak star system
 -- Halitosis V